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We're on a start-up hiatus at the moment, but we'll be back! If you'd like to get in touch with someone, send a message to ContactUs (at) insideGOOD (dot) com

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At insideGOOD, we believe in the power of feedback. We believe that inviting supporters into the conversation, welcoming their insights and experiences, makes for stronger, healthier, more transparent and dynamic organizations. This isn’t about being the ‘best’ or a ‘perfect’ organization – there’s no such thing! This is about an ongoing dialogue, a pursuit of excellence, a way of showing progress, of demonstrating professionalism, addressing concerns and publicizing praise.


A growing number of organizations are listening to this feedback and learning from it – and that is our goal. To provide data, knowledge and trends that will help the millions of people who devote their time, money and careers to these organizations. It is our hope that, through this information and the connections made on the site, the challenges and opportunities unique to nonprofits will be better understood, and better addressed, by all.

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